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January 2017
One-page flyer on prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP/PMP) basics
Presentation by Ed Markey, United States Senator for Massachusetts that demands strategic planning that thoughtfully brings together science, medicine, public health and law enforcement in a multi-faceted solution. The foundation of a comprehensive approach must integrate policy changes that focus on prevention, treatment and enforcement.
Report on the classification of ALCOPOPS
An Introduction to Synthetic Drugs discusses the history of synthetic substances, where synthetic drugs come from and how they are made, the problem of synthetic drugs and categories of synthetic substances.
Annual Review PDMP - The review includes relevant information on the changes made in the past year in certain areas related to PMPs, such as mandatory registration and access, types of authorized users, etc., and includes a map of the current status of states within that category.
Journal of Health Care Law and Policy article Applying Federal Commerce and State Police Powers to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse
Press Release on ASAP Updates 4.2 of the PDMP Reporting Standard with the Release of 4.2A by the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy
This issue of NAMSDL Case Law Update focuses on several ongoing cases related to the access to and use of prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP/PMP) records. Summarized cases include a recent, appellate-level decision from Washington state regarding the constitutionality of accessing those records.
This issue of NAMSDL Case Law Update focuses on several ongoing cases related to the marketing, distribution and prescribing of controlled substances. Summarized cases include: (1) a lawsuit recently filed against the maker of OxyContin by a city in Washington State; and (2) a federal appellate court decision upholding a doctor’s conviction for Controlled Substances Act violations.
This issue of NAMSDL Case Law Update focuses on several recent court decisions addressing state drunk/drugged driving laws, including decisions issued by the highest courts of Arizona, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington. The topics addressed in the summarized cases include the constitutionality of warrantless blood or urine tests and Washington state’s specified concentration statute.


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